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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rochdale Pioneer

Rochdale Pioneer means in Nepali language "Rochdale Agradut" (रोचडेल अग्रदुत). Twenty-seven (27) men and one (1) woman being total twenty-eight (28) labours summit at big charity room on 1843 AD. They know the related experience of Co-operative of before. From this experience the unsuccessful reasons comes out and they define them and take solution for them by giving value for purchase system. The decisions of this summit (assembly) are as follows:-
  • Do not sell on Credit
  • Sell on the market price
  • Participate them, who trust towards stock (store-room) only

Co-operative ideal

Robert Owen starts changes or improvement on work from own his Co-operative. Like this follow ways:-
  • Decrease in work time
  • Increase on Salary
  • Control or stop on labor of Children
  • Build Shelter building for labours
  • To improve on labour's economy, try to say or memorized for Government
  • Make labours' Union for welfare / benefit of labour
  • In 30000 acre land at Indiyaana (इण्डियाना) region of United States of America, 900 s' persons settle settlement.
  • Start labour law

Likewise he tries many for welfare of labour but not being success. But from his work
Dr. William King is an impact and advertise Co-operative pattern (ideal, paragon).

Robert Owen

(सुधारक रोवर्ट आएन) Reformist Robert Owen
On 1771 AD in a poor family, Robert Owen was birth. Who takes an improve in the contrary/adverse situation which create from result of the war (क्रांति) of industrialization (औद्योगिक) at UK / London (बेलायत). He knows the problem of labor (श्रमिक) frequently because he worked in various industries as a labor. After he married with "New Lenmark Mils" (न्यू लेन्मार्क मिल्स), the daughter of landlord (मालिक) Lgasgoska (ल्गास्गोस्का, he became landlord of industry/co-operative (मिल).

Important of Market

Important of Market (बजारको महत्त्व):-
  • सामाजिक (Social)
  • निर्माताका लागि महत्त्व (Importance for Producer)
  • उपभोक्ताको लागि महत्त्व (Importance for Customer)
  • अर्थ व्यवस्थामा महत्त्व (Important on Economy System)

Kinds of Market

बजार वर्गिकरणका आधारहरू :-
क्षेत्र (Regional):
  • स्थानीय (Local)
  • क्षेत्रीय (Regional)
  • राष्ट्रिय (National)
  • अन्तराष्ट्रिय (International)
कार्य (Work):
  • मिश्रित वा सामान्य बजार (Simple Market)
  • विशिष्ट बजार (Specialized or Respective Market)
  • ग्रेडद्वारा विक्री बजार (Grading Sell Market)
  • नमूनाद्वारा विक्री बजार (Selling Market by Sampling)
प्रतियोगिता (Competition):
  • पूर्ण प्रतियोगिता (Complete Market)
  • अपूर्ण प्रतियोगिता (Imperfect Market)
समय (Time / Period)
  • दशै बजार (Dashain Market (Festival Market))
  • हिउँदे बजार (Winter Market)
  • शनिवारीय बजार (Market on Saturday (Holiday Market))

बजारका लगि आवश्यक तत्वहरू

Needs Element for Market:
  • क्रेता र विक्रेता (Seller & Buyer/Customer)
  • बस्तु तथा सेवा (Goods & Service)
  • मूल्य (Price)
  • खरिद विक्री (Purchase/Sell)
  • स्वामित्व हस्तान्तरण (Given Ownership)

The Marketing research Process

बजा अनुसंधान प्रक्रिया:-
  • समस्याको पहिचान (Define the Problem)
  • तत्थ्याङ्क संकलन (Data Collection)
  • नमूना छनोट (Selection of Sampling Method)
  • संकलन तत्थ्यांकहरुको बिश्लेष्ण (Data Entry & Analysis)
  • बजेट र समय पावन्दीको निश्चित (Decide upon a Budget & a Time Frame)
  • अन्तिम प्रतिबेदन लेखन तथा प्रस्तुति (final Report Preparation & Presentation)
  • अनुसंधानबाट प्राप्त सुचानाको प्रचार/प्रसार (Dissemination of Information)


"As Long as I have want , I have reason for living, Satisfaction is death"
- J.B. Shaw
In Nepali Language of This statement:
"जबसम्म म संग रहन्छ, म संग बाच्ने कारण रहन्छ। आधार रहन्छ। पूर्ण संतुष्टी त मृत्यु बरावर हो।"
यो भनाई J.B. Shaw को हो।

Skills For Leadership

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Action Skills
  • Relationship Skills
  • Expert Skills

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Co-operative Principles

First Principle : Voluntary and Open Membership
Second Principle : Democratic Member Control
Third Principle : Member Economic Participation
Fourth Principle : Autonomy and Independence
Fifth Principle : Education, Training and Information
Sixth Principle : Co-operation among Co-operatives
Seventh Principle : Concern For Community

Friday, May 27, 2011

Online Job from Home


सामुहिक भावनाको विकास (develop) गरी व्यक्तिमा निहित योग्यता, सीप सक्षमतालाई समूहको हितका लागि उपयोग गरी आपसी आर्थिक (economy), सामजिक (social) तथा सास्कृतिक आवश्यकता (necessity) र आकांक्षा (aim) पूरा गर्नका लागि संगठित (organized) भई उद्देश्यमूलक (objective) क्रियाकलाप गर्नु नै वास्तवमा सहकारी हो।